Rushmore Saloon Sign



On our last trip from Texas our route home to Seattle took us through South Dakota. Mount Rushmore was too fogged in to view so we stopped in to Halley’s 1880’s Store in Keystone SD because, well, it looked old and cool.

And it was.

The owner was also cool and old and really awesome and he let us poke around in the basement and outside the property as well.

Found some wood out there. That wood turned out to be (after much moss removal and cleaning) the old sign to the neighboring Rushmore Saloon. It’s kind of the coolest and a piece of Americana straight from the closest town to the monument. How many folks sat on the stools of the old Rushmore Saloon and downed a beer or several?

Very large and each vertical piece splits into two pieces…because that’s how they did it.

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